Ballast 13w

Ballast 13w

Alimentation ALITTEX LARCP13. Ballast conventionnel IP40. Ce ballast électronique permet d´alimenter un tube tdiamètre 16mm de puissance 13w ou 14w retrouvez tous vos accessoires sur e-distrilampe.

W 4-pin G24q-base fluorescent ballasts ready to ship. Buy top brands including Advance and Sylvania. Commander pour réapprovisionner.

Electronic ballast with warm start. Pour les lampes iodures ce sont des platines, parfois appelées ballast en. Pour tubes Fluo montage série :4W, 6W, 8W, 10W, 13W , 15W, 16W. Ces ballasts sont multi puissances.

BPL 13W 220V BSC – Philips Lighting. Robertson Worldwide S1P-Vmagnetic ballast for 13w to 20w fluorescent lamps: Other Products: Amazon. Rubrique accessoires de La boutique des . Looking for a reliable CFL ballast at a good price?

Standard Case Quantity: 20.

We have Excellent Customer Service, Fast Shipping and . Imprégnation sous vide avec résine polyester. Supported Lamp Shape, T T8. Not recommended for dimmer or electronic ballasts. Offering maximum versatility, the Philips Advance family of SmartMate ballasts for 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps drive a broad range of quad and triple-tube, . Catalog Number, Description, Wattage.

With separated transformator respectively ballast case, on top of the lamp attachable or next to lamp mountable. Internal aluminium high gloss mirror. D12-1- DC inverter ballasts for 12VDC, volt, low watt 13W twin tube, 13w double TT, 2-pin fluorescent lamps.

Tridonic PC 1×4- 13W PC Basic warm start high frequency HF ballast. Understanding Compact Fluorescent Technology. G24q-series (electronic ballast ) sockets. W (Horizontal), 15W (Vertical).

Available for many fluorescent lamp types sold today, including Preheat, Rapid Start, 2-pin CFL, Slimline, High Output, Very High Output and Circline. Professionnel ou particulier . Click Here to view Website Link , Click Here to view Spec Sheet , A great choice for your do-it-yourself project , Decorative Finish To Accent And Brighten Your . Atco Controls BALLAST STANDARD EC 13W , magnetic ballast for 13w fluoro lamp. Traditional from the Other finishes group in Other.

The power consumption and brightness differs from the Genin 13W.

Bulbs: (1) x G24q-Tubular, Watts.